Who receives funding from CEF Grants?

CEF Grant Awards are available to any school, K-12, throughout the Camas School District. Any teacher, school administrator, parent, student, or school organization may apply. CEF Grants only fund projects that will directly impact the students throughout the Camas School District.

How many schools in the Camas School District benefit from CEF grant funding?

There are eleven schools throughout the Camas School District. Each of these schools have received CEF grants to enhance the educational opportunities of their schools. For a specific list of past years Grant Awards, click here.

What is the difference between a Mini Grant and a Major Grant? 

Mini Grants are monetary requests up to $2,000. These grants normally support projects that directly impact a specific school, classroom or age range. There is no limits on the number of mini grants that can be submitted by a school, person or group. Each grant request will be measured on its individual merit.

The major grant committee works in partnership with the Camas School District to provide an annual major grant initiative that is strategic, extraordinary, and that will have a positive impact on every student throughout the District.  CEF and the District work cooperatively to identify the unique educational needs of its students.  School administrators bring grant requests to the CEF board and together identify where CEF funds can be most effective in its support of extraordinary education.

What is the deadline for Mini Grant Applications?

The deadline to submit a request for a CEF Mini Grant is January 31, 2018.

What is the Major Grants process?

Beginning in the 2017/18 School Year, CEF will change the Major Grants process. The CEF Board and Major Grants Committee is working hard to finalize this process. 

How do you decide who is awarded a CEF grant?

CEF is looking to fund grants that offer innovative educational opportunities to the students in the Camas School District. The projects supported through CEF should be items that are outside the scope and abilities of the Camas School District or individual school budget abilities to fund. CEF looks for programs that can be sustainable in future years through other means of support. While not necessary, CEF does welcome requests that are supported through partnerships with other funding agencies.

Are there things CEF will
not fund?

There are a few things CEF will not fund. CEF will not fund professional salaries or personnel.
CEF will not fund classroom equipment or programs that are not used to further the purpose of innovative education.

Grant applications will be available online in November 2017. Information will be sent to the schools and available online. Starting in 2017/18, CEF will only accept applications submitted online.
CEF Grant Applications are due January 31, 2018. Grant announcements and awards will take place no later than April 30, 2018.

What is the grant cycle for the 2017-18 School Year?

Grants are awarded in the Spring each year. Mini Grants will be awarded no later than April 30 of each year. Grants are announced with a presentation and celebration directly to the grant award winners. These presentations happen at the schools where funds were requested.  CEF funds are dispersed through the District Office via reimbursement for receipts or with a payment request form. 

Please contact cefcamas@gmail.com if you have been awarded a grant and have questions about receiving your award.

When a grant is awarded, how will I find out? When should I expect to see the grant funds that I was awarded?

If I applied for a grant but I did not receive funding, can I submit the request in a different year?

Yes, we encourage you to re-submit for funding if you feel the project meets CEF’s funding objectives. If you did not receive money from a grant request, please re-submit in another year. Each school has a liaison and we encourage you to contact the liaison at your school to discuss your grant submission. This liaison will be able to give you feedback about your grant request to help you build a stronger request for the upcoming year.