Annual Major Grant Initiative

The major grant committee works in partnership with the Camas School District to provide an annual major grant initiative that is strategic, extraordinary, and that will have a positive impact on every student throughout the District.  CEF and the District work cooperatively to identify the unique educational needs of its students.  School administrators bring grant requests to the CEF board and together identify where CEF funds can be most effective in its support of extraordinary education.


CEF'S 2018-2020 MAJOR GRANT:

Making Connections, A Program to Promote Social Emotional Learning

This year, CEF will support one Major Grant Initiative through the Camas School District. Making Connections is a District-wide program that will reach out to every school in Camas to offer social emotional learning. This program will focus on seeing children for who they are, through student-to-student engagement and family support, and will focus on creating positive transition experiences for students at the 5th and 8th grade levels. The experiences will include peer mentors in a series of lessons designed to bring students' confidence and excitement as they move into their new schools. It also will create parent experiences that complement the transition experiences and help parents better understand and how to support their students. 

The exciting and unique thing about this year's grant is that some of this work is happening NOW. The District has already launched a series of parent discussions around social emotional issues facing our children. There has also been an online resource center launched to give parents a place to go for archived discussions and resources related to the District's wellness initiative.  

We invite you to take a look: