CEF’s Mini Grant Program provides funding up to $2,000 for outstanding proposals that provide extraordinary educational opportunities for students in the Camas School District. The grants support educational areas including: science, math, technology, music and arts, leadership and interpersonal skills, community service learning, staff development and foreign language.

  • Mini Grants support programs that enhance basic curriculum.

  • Mini Grants support projects that promote active student engagement.

  • Mini Grants support improved quality and level of learning for directly affected students.

  • Mini Grants can be limited or broad in focus: they can impact a classroom, a school, a student organization or students throughout the district.

Any teacher, administrator, parent, student or student organization can apply to receive funds through a CEF Mini Grant. We do ask that parents, students, and community members be sponsored by a certified staff member. We encourage anyone involved with the Camas School District to apply. Review and selection takes place between December and March each year.


The applications are due on February 24, 2019, at 11:59pm.
Absolutely NO late applications will be accepted.

1. When is the application due?  What if I need more time?

Teachers and Administrators as well as staff, parents, students, and community members sponsored by a teacher or administrator are all eligible and are encouraged to apply for a mini-grant. Principals must approve and sign all grant applications that affect their schools.

2. Who is eligible to apply for a CEF mini-grant?

3. What is the most money I can request for my CEF mini-grant idea?

Mini-grant applications will be considered for amounts up to $2000, with no exceptions.

Yes.  Applications requiring purchase and/or usage of technology-related equipment must be accompanied by a signed letter of consent to support your proposal from Jeff Snell at the Camas School District office. Requests for consent must be submitted to Superintendent Jeff Snell by Wednesday, January 31st, 2019 to provide sufficient time for the Technology Department to review the request and respond before the mini-grant applications are due.

4. My proposal is related to technology.  Are there any requirements of me?

Any other funding sources needed must be documented by a signed letter of commitment from the funding source in order for your application to be considered.  Specific dollar amounts must be included in the letter.

5. My proposal will rely on other sources of funding in addition to CEF.  What do I need?

Supporting documentation should be emailed to cefcamas@gmail.com, with the title of your grant submittal in the SUBJECT line.

6. How do I send supporting documents to CEF?

Applicants are encouraged to apply for funds for innovative project ideas that will “Enhance Basic Curriculum” and student learning.  For a listing of last year’s funded, innovative ideas click here.

    Mini-Grant Criteria:

  • Program must directly and actively engage students and result in improved quality and/or level of learning for students.

  • Program objectives must be clearly defined and include metrics by which to measure success.

  • Resource materials, guest speakers, assemblies, and transportation costs for innovative ideas will be considered.

The following additional considerations are highly valued:  

  • Reusable resource materials

  • Programs that benefit and are coordinated with multiple classrooms and/or schools.  

  • Innovative projects that may be replicated/shared by other staff/schools.

PLEASE NOTE: if additional information is needed, the mini-grant committee will reach out to you by email or phone for further information or with questions.

7. Will my idea work?  What is the committee looking for?

You will be notified by the middle of April 2019. Grant award winners are notified during the school day with a special certificate presentation and celebration. Further details will be provided to the recipients.

If you did not receive a mini-grant, you will be notified by email no later than May 1, 2019.

8. When and how will I know if I will receive a CEF mini-grant?

YES!  If you received a mini-grant last year, you may apply again this year for a continuation of last year’s idea, or with a new idea.  Please note that applications for the exact same program for more than three consecutive years will receive lower priority.  If you did NOT receive a mini-grant for your idea last year, you may reapply for the same idea.

9. If I applied for a CEF mini-grant last year, can I apply this year?

No.  While items donated to the CEF Auction DO raise funds for mini-grants, the Mini-Grant Committee does not consider the applicant’s history of donations when evaluating and awarding mini-grants.

10. Do auction donations impact the decisions by CEF?

Non-fundable requests include teacher release time, salaries, food for celebrations, clothing, direct gifts, and prizes.

11. What are the restrictions for CEF mini-grant funding?

12. If I am awarded a CEF mini-grant, what will be required of me?

Requirements Are:

Funds must be spent by the end of the 2019-2020 school year or will be reverted to CEF.

Any changes in project objectives or plans from those stated on the original mini-grant application must obtain approval from the CEF Board of Directors.  No additional funds will be provided.

The CEF Board of Directors must be notified in a timely manner of any major problems that will prevent completion of the project.

You will be expected to include information on when the funds will be utilized, how the idea was executed and if you achieved the expected results.  This would include guest speaker/assembly dates and times.  

A final report detailing the completion or outcome of the project & use of funds must be submitted to CEF Board of Directors.  Additionally, you may choose to submit a photo essay authored by the affected students, or you may choose to submit student narratives, photos, slideshows, etc.

Photos of the project along with signed media consents for any photographed participants. These photos may be used on the CEF website and CEF promotional materials.

CEF must be identified as the funding source on all print publications, electronic and social media posts related to the event.

What is the process for receiving awarded mini-grant funding?

For instructions, please download our pdf guide through this link.